Salt to Taste

Add Salt to Taste simplifies finding quality recipes by including variations inline. We let users directly edit recipes, creating a variant, and for others to up-vote those edits. The more they are liked the more they are shown.

We aim to be an anit-wikipedia– where as the average wikimedia user is a middle-class, and male, our goal is with Add Salt to Taste is to create a global community around one of the most essential foundations of culture: food.

Recipe websites commonly have variants in the form of comments (add a jalapeno, shallot instead of onion), we unify the experience in a structured common sense way.
Salt_to Taste_newc5-share_ingredientsWhat we’ve found researching cooking websites is a large body of people who are looking to personalize a recipe to suit their taste preference or diet, e.g. “making it spicier” or “making it paleo”.

At Salt to Taste users can see changes to recipes that are linked to taste or diet preferences we know or suspect they have as well as their friends and other popular suggestions. Along the way they can keep what suggestions they like so they are always present when they return to the recipe. They can always go back and see their or someone else’s version as well. Finally, driving the community is the fact that a set of changes which becomes popular enough causes the default recipe to change.

Salt to Taste focuses on sussing out and highlighting differences to users intelligently with the technology provided to it by the larger overall project.

Our long term goal is to enable users to create their own communities, beyond the ones we’ve seeded, in as simple as a manner possible. In the same way communities grow on Reddit, we too intend to turn the controls over to the users and see what they create.


Date:February 2015
Client:The Colored Word
Skills:Front End Development, UX/UI Design
Project URL: