Email Marketing and Automation

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 3.36.13 PMIn late 2014 my team redesigned the KCRW newsletters to match the overall look and feel of our re-brand and new website. Some key elements were integrating our website marketing platform HubSpot, the website, and Salesforce.

Banners are served up through Google DFP and reports generated in HubSpot.

Email newsletter remain a valuable tool to reach current KCRW members, convert new ones, and grow our fan base. Underwriting (equivalent to advertising in public media) continues to generate revenue from banner placements. Depending on the user preference on the website, they will be encouraged to join newsletters based on interest. Certain clickthroughs or inactivity also trigger actions such as email reminders to buy tickets for events.



Date:August 2013
Skills:HTML, CSS
Project URL: